At Ludwich Ackermann Design we are very interested in allowing different aspects to inform the architectural design.


A design is not only a collaboration between Architect, Engineer, Builder and Client but it is also informed by the site, the climate, the history and the context.


In our designs we try and create a language for a building and then allow it to speak.

This is where the building begins to speak, taking all the aspects that inform the design and turning them into effective, aesthetic yet simple spaces without it being clinical.


We choose to detail the building in such a way that the intent is communicated in both the literal and the non-literal meaning.




It is in the implementation of architecture that the design is compromised. We choose to be involved, as is required from architects, in the construction and implementation of the design.


We do this to ensure that the design is executed correctly,

that the client's interests are protected and level of quality that we strive to achieve in all our projects.


Ludwich Ackermann Design